Custom Car Wraps in Birmingham, AL

If you have ever seen an eye-catching vehicle with a daring print, chances are good that vehicle is wrapped. While spray jobs and custom spray paintwork can cost you a small fortune, custom vehicle wrapping is a cost-effective and quality solution that accomplishes the same for less.

Why Wrap a Vehicle?

Many businesses and individuals wrap their vehicles as a form of bright and cheery advertising. It is quick, easy, and the design opportunities are endless. One of the biggest reasons wraps are popular is because of their wide-ranging custom and eye-catching graphics, from simple color changes—to wild and funky designs. Wraps are made with vinyl, so they don’t damage the underlying paint. If you ever decide to sell your branded vehicle, you can remove the wraps; the paint underneath will look as it did before the vehicle wrap.

Vehicle wraps also have another purpose: They protect your vehicle from minor scratches and rock dings—and the paint is preserved from weather and sun damage. Wraps offer the utmost simplicity. You can have it peeled off and replaced quickly, hassle-free.

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The Benefits of Opting for Sign Source

Sign Source has two decades of experience in the vehicle wrapping industry. We are committed to the local community and work together as a close-knit team.

When it comes to high-end, top-quality products, Sign Source is well-experienced. Our team consists of digital graphic artists and skilled applicators who know their stuff end-to-end. Plus, every part of the vehicle wrapping process is done in-house, from design to printing.

Sign Source offers several different professional solutions that match any budget and vehicle make. In addition, we specialize in many different vehicle wrap options.

side of grey and pink dodge car wrapped with racing stripes

Different Types of Vehicle Wrapping

Whether you want a bright and vibrant car with colorful details or just a simple change of color, vinyl wraps are the answer. Beautiful vehicle wrap designs can increase the visibility of your company and boost your advertising.Wrapping works wonders for vehicles of all styles and types, including:

  • Day-to-day car wraps. Your everyday car needs to reflect who you are. It should shine as bright as your personality, whether you want bold custom graphics or something a little more subtle—like a change in the finish. For instance, a custom matte black vehicle wrap can upgrade your car in no time.
  • Food truck wraps. Eye-catching and vibrant designs are the best way to draw in your customers. Standing out at fairs and festivals—or wherever you set up shop—can grab potential customers’ attention. As ready-made advertising, your wrap will pay for itself.
  • Fleet wraps. If you have a large fleet of vehicles, branded car wraps offer a wide advertising scope, cost-effectively and easily. Custom fleet wraps can utilize uniform, all-use designs or a series of subtly unique designs emblazoned with the same company logo.
  • Commercial vehicle wraps. These wraps offer billboard-size advertising on the road. Whether it’s a freight truck or a large van, it is effective marketing for business and service that goes with you.

How Do I Know If My Vehicle Needs A Wrap?

Does your vehicle need a wrap? Even if you don’t want to change the color of your car or add a funky graphic, a vinyl wrap can be subtle and straightforward. They offer practical, as well as aesthetic, uses. For instance, wraps help protect your vehicle’s paint job. In effect, you are preserving the value of your vehicle for longer.If you live in particularly hot and humid climates, prolonged sun exposure can start to fade and damage the paint on your vehicle. For many Birmingham, AL residents, custom vehicle wraps are increasing in popularity for this very reason. Clear and color-matched vinyl wraps are great for protecting the top layer of paint or restoring minor scratches already present on your vehicle.

What Are The Advantages of a Vehicle Wrap Over Paint?

There are several advantages to wrapping your vehicle. Let’s lay out some reasons that make the investment well worth it:

  • Marketing. Based on best estimates, your wrapped vehicle could bring in thousands of views daily. If your business is on the road a lot, that gives your marketing an extra edge.
  • Company fleet control. Marked vehicles are another way to ensure your company staff drive safely and with rules of the road in mind. There’s always a measure of accountability present.
  • Sometimes a change is significant. Oftentimes, people like to personalize their cars—much like they would with something like their hair or jewelry. A new color or a design is sometimes all you need to boost your confidence and sport something fresh, exciting, and new.
  • As good as new. Everyone’s first car is exciting. at least to some extent. A vinyl wrap adds a little oomph to a hand-me-down or older vehicle. For problem paint jobs, a full vehicle wrap can leave your vehicle looking as good as new, without the fresh paint and detail cost.

Do I Come Up with the Design On My Own?

Yes and no. Sitting down with the graphic artist to get your vision on your vehicle is the easiest way to get the best out of every vehicle wrap. Our graphic artists understand the way the graphics need to be placed on the vehicle. When sitting down with the artist, it is always recommended to have everything ready.The information your artist may need includes:

  • Art references. Sign Source has skilled and professional designers that can turn a dream into reality. Be sure to have your artwork references on hand, as well as any logos you might have. It would be best to put together a digital pack of information and files for the team to work with.
  • Full information. The artist will need a complete list of details and any text that you’d like incorporated.
  • Realistic expectations. We sometimes get a little stuck on how something is supposed to look with your placements’ ideas. Remember that a design might look great on a truck, but it will look a little different on your sedan. Your Sign Source artist will be able to create a design for your vehicle that accounts for the best angle, size, and placement.
  • Vehicle Details. Your artist will need the year, make, and model of your vehicle for the best fit.

Once the artist understands your ideas, they will be able to incorporate them and create your designs. Your artist will submit designs for your approval before applying them to your vehicle.

How Much Can It Cost to Wrap My Vehicle?

Quality is important. The cost of vehicle wrapping varies depending on the vehicle you need to wrap and the design details. Wraps typically range between $500 and $5,500, with different circumstances affecting final price.It is always best to get in touch with Sign Source for a quote beforehand. Every vehicle is different, and so is the amount of work needed for each vehicle wraps design.

It’s a Wrap

Wrapping your vehicle is more than just applying high-grade vinyl to your car, truck, bus, or van: It is giving your vehicle a renewed look that can turn heads and capture the attention of possible clients or new business. Contact Sign Source regarding any questions or to receive a quote of our work.side of red white and blue wrapped van for ceremonial guard