Fleet Wraps in Birmingham, AL

two parked blue afs vans wrapped in red white and blue pattern

What Is a Fleet Wrap?

Fleet wraps are a powerful form of advertising that gets your message out to potential customers. If you’re looking to spread your business’s reach and grow your brand awareness, fleet wraps can be a cost-effective way to achieve this.

A fleet wrap is a durable, printed vinyl product that fits over your company’s fleet of vehicles. The custom graphics display is placed on the roof or sides of a commercial vehicle fleet, showcasing the company’s name, logo, services, website, phone number, and more. Check out our work here!


Many businesses have begun using commercial custom vehicle wraps to win new clients and keep those existing. Vehicle graphics may also be used to announce promotions or special events taking place within your company.

If you’re interested in vehicle wraps, then give us a call now at 205-427-4479 ! Want to learn more? We encourage you to continue reading. We’ll offer some useful information in helping you decide whether or not a vehicle wrap is right for your business. You will also get some basic information about the different types of wraps that are available!

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Do I Need a Vehicle Wrap?

Maybe your company is looking for a new way of advertising, or you’d like to promote your business in a unique way with a marketing message. Maybe you need an attention-grabbing vehicle for public relations work. Or you may simply want to make a statement with your vehicle. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to know whether the benefits of vehicle wrapping are worth the cost. Here are some questions to ask yourself to figure out if a vehicle wrap or fleet wrap is right for you and your business.

How Much Are Vehicle Graphics?

The price of a full wrap will vary based on your requirements, and Sign Source will be able to give you a free quote once we know exactly what you need. Quality is important when it comes to vehicle wraps.

There are many options available for drivers in need of a wrap for their cars or trucks. The cost of vehicle wrapping can vary dramatically depending on the design elements of the wrap you go with, or whether you want full or partial wraps. In general, vehicle graphics typically range between $500 and $5,500, with different circumstances affecting the final price. Whenever you consider a quality vinyl wrap design in Birmingham AL, you should always get in touch with Sign Source first!

What Are Some of the Advantages of Fleet Wraps?

Advertisements explicitly designed for business vehicles have several advantages. including:

  • Van wraps become mobile billboards;
  • Your brand will become visible everywhere;
  • You can convert passing eyes into paying customers;
  • Wraps offer an extra layer of protection to your van, protecting your vehicle from elements and accidents, to some extent;
  • Your company appears more professional, credible and memorable;
  • They look stylish, and allow you to stand out from your competition;
  • Vinyl wraps improve the appearance of used or old vehicles;
  • Your vinyl wrap unifies the appearance of your truck;
  • Wraps are easy to update and manage—much more so than paint or airbrush;
  • And you can create a unique brand identity on your vehicle!
budweiser truck wrapped by sign source

What Is the Return on Investment (ROI) on a Fleet Wrap?

The ROI or return on investment is the monetary value returned on vinyl wraps. This can vary based on the type of vehicle wrap and its initial cost. It can also vary depending on the services provided by the wrap vendor. For context, here are a few helpful statistics:

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Fleet Wrap?

At Sign Source, the majority of our vehicle fleet wraps are designed, printed, and laminated generally within three to four business days. Installing the wraps onto a fleet of business vehicles takes time and can vary based on the complexity of the order, the number of vehicles, type of vehicles (large or small), and complexity of materials that we are working with.

drivers side view of black van with 94.9 graphic from radio station

Steps for Fleet Graphics Installation in Our Shop

  1. After our team has helped you finalize your design and graphics, it gets printed onto a special type of adhesive vinyl.
  2. This vinyl is then treated with a durable laminate layer—which offers protection to the quality and coloration of the graphics from wear and tear, UV rays, and other environmental factors.
  3. The car is prepared so the vinyl can stick to it. This requires a thorough car wash and a special post-installation rinse of the car.
  4. Once the car is clean, panels are attached to the car. Each panel is pre-marked and arranged for easy installation. The panels are fitted to the car one at a time according to a set design proof.
  5. When the final car inspection is complete, it’s time to start driving your fleet-wrapped car.

How Long will a Fleet Wrap Last?

If properly maintained, quality advertising wrap graphics generally last anywhere from three to five years. If kept in good condition, that can sometimes be longer. The less a car wrap is exposed to harsh elements, the longer it will last. An extra protective coating on top of a vinyl wrap protects the wrap from weather damage, offers better UV resistance, can protect the car from minor scratches, and helps the car wrap to last longer.

Thinking About Commercial Vehicle Wraps for Your Business?

A marketing message for your company is important, and Sign Source in Birmingham, Alabama can help with our custom vehicle wraps! We have a team of service experts who can wrap your fleet of cars, vans, or trucks in bright colors and attractive graphics to help you get noticed.

We offer a professional fleet wrapping service that can improve the look of your company and spread your brand awareness. Make your vehicle stand out from the competition: Turn your fleet, or a single vehicle, into a mobile billboard to catch the attention of potential customers with this excellent form of advertising.

Contact at 205-427-4479 Sign Source regarding any questions or to receive a free quote for vehicle wraps in Birmingham, AL! We’d be delighted to give you more information about our process, answer questions regarding time or schedule, and more.