Boat Wraps - Customize and Protect Your Watercraft

Boats are often the pride and joy of many homes—and even the occasional marine-based business. They boast amazing branding opportunities, and can be real conversation starters. A custom vinyl boat wrap is a way to revamp your boat’s look and keep its paint fresh for longer. Sign Source is a trusted vinyl wrap company in Birmingham, Alabama, serving our customers for more than two decades.

The Benefits of Going with Sign Source

Sign Source has a dedicated team of vinyl wrap experts. Our team consists of artists and specialists that understand vinyl like a second language. Plus, Sign Source has more than two decades of experience in the industry, and is a trusted local wrapping company based in Birmingham, AL.

We service a wide breadth of areas, from collegiate central Tuscaloosa to suburban Trussville. Our team of professionals are skilled and expertly proficient in what we do. In addition, we’re committed to providing a custom experience for every client and maintaining satisfaction by using long-lasting and high-quality materials.

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Why Wrap a Boat?

There are many reasons to wrap a boat, from branding for companies and upcoming business events—to providing a vibrant, new look to your vessel.

In fact, boat wraps are an excellent choice for a number of reasons, including:

  • Customizable artwork. Vinyl printing is a fully customizable solution. This is because the designed decals are printed onto sheets of vinyl, meaning you can get high-quality, high-resolution graphics placed on your boats. Plus, the different finishes open up your choices to truly one-of-a-kind designs. Picture it: a matte finish on camo boat wraps. Now, your fishing outings can be done in true style.
  • Long-lasting results. Whether you need a single bass boat wrap or a fleet of fishing boats wrapped, all wraps are fully customizable to your needs. Not to mention, the wraps can last anywhere from three to five years, which is quite a chunk of time.
  • Affordability. Applying a new paint coat to your boat can run quite expensive. Comparatively, even the most elaborate custom boat wraps can cost a fraction of the price. This means that boat wraps are an affordable solution for almost everyone.
  • Ready-made, relevant advertising. Marketing doesn’t need to stop when you are on the water or vacationing. No matter where you choose to sail, you can make heads turn with beautiful eye-catching designs, and your company’s branding conveniently in tow.

Why Wrap a Boat Instead of Painting It?

A boat donned with vinyl wraps is a cost-effective way to change your watercraft’s appearance. Custom paintwork can keep you out of the water for weeks on end. Custom vinyl boat wraps offer a quick solution that’s also quality. A well-cleaned boat shouldn’t be off the water more than a few days when opting for vinyl wraps.

Custom artwork can be pretty pricey, especially where custom paintwork is concerned. Typically, paintwork is done by hand, and can cost double what it would cost for a printed vinyl boat wrap. Vinyl boat wraps also offer a small amount of protection from weather and sun damage to your boat’s susceptible, exterior paint. A wrap helps retain the underlying paint’s integrity for more long-lasting results.

Do I Get To Design the Graphics?

The answer is a bit tricky. You will not be the one designing the boat’s graphics per se; however, if you have a particular design in mind, you can send it to the artist for further discussion. The artist will take into account your design choices to design something custom for you.

If you have any custom logos already prepared, share them with the designers in as high quality means as possible. They will either be able to use the files given or have to redraw the artwork itself in order to suit the designs.

Before meeting with designers, you might need some of the following when discussing design work:

  • Complete list of details, information, and text for the design, if necessary.
  • Any reference artwork, which helps the designer see your vision in totality.
  • Realistic expectations from you, as your boat will look fantastic no matter what; however, consulting with the on-staff artist is paramount in ensuring you get the most out of your custom boat graphics wrap.

How Much Does a Custom Boat Wrap Cost?

Boat wraps are a little more expensive than other wraps, such as those used on vehicles. Typically, boat wraps range from $1500—on up. It’s more costly because of the custom shaping that boats demand, as well as the dedicated design work that goes into every design.

The vinyl material that makes up every custom boat wrap is made to withstand both the elements and water. Fortunately, high-quality vinyl doesn’t damage the boat’s pre-existing paint: Preserving the paint’s condition adds to your boat’s resale value should you choose to remove the wrap before selling your boat.

Can Any Boat Be Wrapped?

Yes, on the whole, any watercraft and vessel can be wrapped. From bass boat wraps to commercial boat wrapping, there are very few limitations to the kinds of crafts. Our professional artists will do an on-site inspection of the ship to offer a fully accurate quote of services.

Boat wrapping is an excellent tool to bring awareness to events, even if they are one time only or around for just a short period of time. Vinyl is easily removable and doesn’t damage the paint, making it easy to wrap your vessel multiple times when needed.

Maintenance of Vinyl Wraps

Another consideration is the maintenance of your boat. Paint can be tricky to maintain, as it will need to be washed and regularly looked after for the best, long-lasting results. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a lot easier to maintain and offers the same levels of results, if not better.

There is no need to get regular cleaning services or fancy wax coatings with vinyl wraps. Vinyl provides a high level of protection, and only needs a light wash and cloth wipe down to maintain.

Art on the Water

Whether you want a change of color or an entire decal designed for your boat, vinyl designs are the easiest way to get the best out of your boat’s look. Even if you are not quite ready to commit to a complete design, there are plenty of partial designs to suit your business needs and budget. Contact Sign Source for a quote of our services today.